Figure 1: Little Bear, Latham NY, ~2016
Figure 2: Littler Bear, Brighton MA, ~2015

Sarah Lee and Ben Greenman got married on June 1st 2019.

Figure 3: Ben (left) and Sarah (right), location unknown, ~2018
Figure 4: Ben (left) and Sarah (right), Ithaca NY, ~2014

The ceremony was at First Lutheran Church in Albany, NY at 1:30pm.

Figure 5: First Lutheran Church (FLC) exterior
Figure 6: FLC location, parking, and entrance [map source]

There was a reception at The Century House in Latham, NY starting at 3:00pm and ending at 8:00pm.

The reception was invitation only we are very sorry but space was limited.

Figure 7: The Century House exterior
Figure 8: a table inside the The Century House
Figure 9: The Century House location, parking, and entrance [map source]

For the first hour of the reception, there were appetizers and a full liquor/beer/wine/soda bar.

Appetizers include: imported and domestic whole cheeses, fried chickpeas, fresh vegetable crudité with herb dip, Century signature skillet cheese, hummus, feta and pitted olives, charcuterie board, crostini and crackers, slow roasted artichokes and tomatoes, pacific rim spread, shrimp shooter, potato spoons, charcuters blanket, grilled cheese and tomato soup, chili lime tacos, ahi tuna chips

For the last four hours of the reception, the beer/wine/soda was on us. Liquor was be available for cash.

Figure 10: a bar at The Century House (your reception experience may vary)

We had short rib, macaroni & cheese, and vegetables for dinner.

If you wanted to book a room, the discount code was LWEDD.

Figure 11: a bed at The Century House

Here is a copy of the wedding invitations we sent out.

Contact us for a group code to the Men's Warehouse.

And here are more pictures of our cats.

We are very thankful for the many professionals who have helped make our day possible, including:

Hong Kong Bakery & Bistro, Julie Lind, Pastor John Medwid, Phil Brown, Susan B. Hale, Captured Moments Photography, the Print & Marketing staff at Staples in Burlington MA, the CSS designer of, Alex at the Men's Warehouse State Capitol NY store, Fletcher Flowers, the Zales store that used to be in the CambridgeSide mall, the Kay Jewelers in CambridgeSide, the Colonie Town Clerk's Office, and the employees of the United States Postal Service.

The above-named professionals are in no way responsible for the content of this web page.